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I'm Bonnie, a creative soul passionate about empowering women and celebrating the beauty of birth and motherhood. Here, I merge my loves of art, design, and birthwork to craft inspiring birth affirmations, uplifting t-shirt designs, and now, custom logo illustrations that bring women-centered businesses to life.

Explore my creations, and let's celebrate the power of women, birth, and entrepreneurship together

  • Kelsey C

    These are honestly such beautiful affirmation cards, I loved everything about them and the designs are so thoughtful and lovely. I had to sneak a peek at them but I’ve put them under the Christmas tree for myself but can’t wait to reopen them and use them in preparation for the birth of my first baby!
    Thankyou so much! ❤️

  • Megan M

    These are absolutely beautiful!! What incredible and powerful pieces of art and affirmations to have in your birth space!

  • Hanna S

    ….I also think your birth cards had a great impact - I referred to them during the long wait at hospital when my mind was full of anxiety and fear. it gave me something to focus on and replayed the different mantras in my head throughout the procedure.

    Despite it not being a natural labour or birth, these cards were still a life saver! Thankyou ❤️

  • Carrie C

    “It was definitely a powerful birth, and having your cards honestly were perfect tools as my support people would often verbally say your affirmations out loud to help keep me grounded when I needed the reminder but I too would look for them at times to remind me of my strength and power 🥰”

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